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An origin ŽILAVKA grapevine sort,  generated by nature on Herzegovina’ karst,  disappears in a history darkness.  The assumption is that  Bosnian Ban  later  King TVRTKO  drank this wine on year 1353 in Brotnjo.

Received top recognitions and decorations on  many world competitions are confirmations of  ŽILAVKA wine high qua- lity and producer reputation.

The characteristic of ŽILAVKA wine is light yellow color mix- ed with greenish nuances. Its taste is dry and harmonious with plenitude by overall extract even up to 27 g/l. Very of- ten,  it has 12% vol. percent of alcohol.  Overall,  acids can reach  5-6.2 g/l and give to this wine pleasant drink ability.

Serving time is before,  during  and  afterwards  the meal- time. Cooled  ŽILAVKA  wine  on 4-5 degrees centigrade is recommendation by all dishes of white meats,  particularly with   freshwater  fishes  or  saltwater  fishes,  shells  and lobsters.

ŽILAVKA  wine  drinking  by  domestic cheese and smoked hams is a spatial gourmand adventure in Herzegovina.


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