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Transmitting  and  improving  the knowledge  about  grapes  and  wines through a history, Ostojić  family  has  reached   the  respected knowledge and quality in  a wine production, so today from Ostojić cellar the famous wine sorts  of  high-quality  are going  out  to  the whole Europe.

The climate  in Herzegovina gives the perfect conditions for upbringing and canning of top- quality grape sorts, particularly in Čitluk area – Brotnjo,  where  there  are  the  top-quality vineyards  of  Herzegovina which are famous by wines and grapes for centuries.

From  our  production program,  we set aside the  top-quality  wines – Žilavka  and  Blatina – bottled  in 0.75 l  and  0.20 l  and domestic natural brandies: Loza, Travarica, Orahovača and extra-Loza.


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