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Top-quality  wine  by  dark  ruby color  with  dark violet color reflection  of  light  has a  sumptuous aroma  and  pleasant taste.

It is a wine  by  purebred  BLATINA  grape  sort  which characteristics reach a top-quality on the famous area full of vineyards in Herzegovina only.

In  this wine  you will  find  the power of  Herzegovina’ stone and the warmth of Mediterranean sun.

BLATINA  wine  has a  beneficial  influence on a person who tastes its once and afterwards it lures into friend- ship forever.

Cooled  BLATINA  wine  on 14-18  degrees  centigrade gives  the  best  aroma  and  taste  by  fine  dishes  of dark red meats, roasts, venison, cheeses and smoked meats.


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